4 years


That’s what it took to build the Golden Gate Bridge.  Recently I ran across the bridge and was quite impressed even by the scale and craftsmanship of the plaque at the base of one of the towers.


We started our 7 mile run from Crissy Field, which has it’s own great history.  Crossing the bridge is just over a mile one-way and may be difficult those sensitive to heights.


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One of truly a great view and I am happy to be so close to San Francisco to take advantage of this wonderful bit of history.

4 years.



Spooky curiosities

Spooky spots in the Bay Area – SFGate

It’s a great time of the year to get out and do some exploring!

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Chinese New Year Flower Fair

It’s the year of the rabbit and we came to see the flowers.  At San Francisco’s Chinatown, we were in search of Dim Sum and a little street life.  After walking several blocks past the touristy Chinese novelty shops, the crowd thickened and the skies let out a light drizzle – perfect!  I was in search of my very own lucky bamboo, but had a better time sauntering along the street taking in the great sights and sounds.  Plenty of vibrance and color, easy to be inspired.  A visit to Chinatown made for a great day.

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