In a rush to flush

a little follow up maybe?


So I am on day five after the (minor) surgery that I had. In general it was no big deal, very little pain or discomfort. In fact I had more issues with the pain medication than the procedure itself – turns out that opioids keep me up and night. So the first three days were quite long.

On day three, I started to wonder about what I should be doing to heal. There’s no dressing to change, but there is “packing” that is self-dissolving. Still, it seems that I should be doing something – or avoiding somethings (like sneezing?). But here’s the thing: my post-op instructions were very brief and vague…

…and nor very helpful. This is really pretty much the extent of what they sent me home with. Hmmm, let’s see – rest, check; don’t operate machinery, check. I mean what the hell? What about that blood that is slowly dripping from my nose, hey?

So I call my doctor’s office and say that I am confused and would like more information on my post-op do’s and don’ts. Just now, almost 2 days later, I get a call back.

Turns out I can be flushing twice a day and needed to schedule a follow up visit for 2 weeks after the surgery. So now that’s all scheduled and I am thinking about a nasal flush (personally I hate those things, so I will reluctantly do it).

I am now very much looking forward to fully healing so that I can begin to run trails, breath clearly, and continue training for the upcoming run in April. Just exercise in general – I miss it.

The next ‘there’

What’s going on up there?

“When you keep things secret,
people start thinking all kinds
of crazy things”