The (most important part of) Sea Ranch


Chester Lee relaxing on the window seat at our rental at The Sea Ranch.

Planning has its benefits. The Sea Ranch is an early planned development where nature and design collide with the magnificent Pacific Coast of Northern California. Needless to say, with my love of landscape history, travel, and the outdoors this place checks many of the “special interest” boxes in my life. The experience did not disappoint.

The best and most important part was, of course, the friends – old and new – that gathered and celebrated. This is the second time we have spent time with friends and friend-of-friends from our days in Madison, Wisconsin.

Our days from Madison revolved around two constants: food (most of us were in the restaurant business) and late nights (most of us were in the restaurant business and/or students).

True to form, there was a ton of food – first time I have had tourtiere, which was a sort of of fancy pasty but was absolutely wonderful. It was even better when paired with a glass of jammy Petit Sarah from – you guessed it – Sonoma County.

Kent with Chester Lee – it was Chester’s first major journey and he had a great time meeting new peeps and another pup, Scout, who showed him how to play like a proper puppy.

This area of the state has unbelievable scenery – the rustic crags of the Pacific Ocean and the dense thicket of inland woods. This was highlighted in our 9 mile run through portions of Salt Point State Park on a trail run. The previous link will take you to some collected clips from my GoPro, which I am still learning how to use.

This trail is simply the most gorgeous one that I have run to date – no doubt there are many more along the coast for me to discover and enjoy in the future. The coastline near our trail run was fantastic!

This was an especially good weekend for me to get away, as I had a surgery scheduled for the next Monday. The surgery was minor – nasal polypectomy and endoscopic sinus surgery – but I really don’t like people around my head with sharp objects (I’m sure no one does)!

I was rather anxious about the surgery and the conversation, food, and fellowship really helped keep my mind off the impending procedure. All went just fine and I am now recovering on day 3. It is still uncomfortable, like having a headache between your cheekbones and a bloody nasal drip. I am glad it is over because I can breath more freely which will help me out on the trail running. I am eager to be fully recovered because Kent and I are still training for the 25 mile American River Endurance Run in April.

Ultimate uni-taskers


Constant multitasking has been correlated with an inability to focus, stress, depression, and anxiety.

Studies even suggest multitaskers are, ironically, worse at multitasking than their single-tasking counterparts.

Recently, we added a new member to the family – Tucker James. I had been thinking about the conundrum of trying to do too many things at the same time and doing them poorly or not at all due to feeling overwhelmed when we started training.

Training Tucker takes “thinking like a dog.” He is in the moment. He does do not multi-task. In fact, the better trained Tucker is, the more relaxed and focused he becomes. He’s in the moment with me – we are in tune with each other.

Training involves redirecting and correcting unwanted behavior. It’s constant and never “over.” It’s a process and it gets easier and more efficient with time.

I like to think about my journey to be in the moment – a uni-tasker – in a similar way.

Walter Ueda Parkway, Sacramento, CA

Great dog friendly park just north of Sacramento at 6600 Sorento Rd (Elkhorn Boulevard), Sacramento, CA

Tobey Sue, Parker Ray, and I had a great afternoon walk today – great place to go now now that foxtail season has ended.  There were large birds, fall colors, and even a couple horses!

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