Ultimate uni-taskers



Constant multitasking has been correlated with an inability to focus, stress, depression, and anxiety.

Studies even suggest multitaskers are, ironically, worse at multitasking than their single-tasking counterparts.

Recently, we added a new member to the family – Tucker James. I had been thinking about the conundrum of trying to do too many things at the same time and doing them poorly or not at all due to feeling overwhelmed when we started training.

Training Tucker takes “thinking like a dog.” He is in the moment. He does do not multi-task. In fact, the better trained Tucker is, the more relaxed and focused he becomes. He’s in the moment with me – we are in tune with each other.

Training involves redirecting and correcting unwanted behavior. It’s constant and never “over.” It’s a process and it gets easier and more efficient with time.

I like to think about my journey to be in the moment – a uni-tasker – in a similar way.

Walter Ueda Parkway, Sacramento, CA

Great dog friendly park just north of Sacramento at 6600 Sorento Rd (Elkhorn Boulevard), Sacramento, CA

Tobey Sue, Parker Ray, and I had a great afternoon walk today – great place to go now now that foxtail season has ended.  There were large birds, fall colors, and even a couple horses!

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Wrights Beach [Sonoma State Beach], Sonoma County, CA

Wrights Beach with Parker Ray and Tobey Sue

Fun was had by all during some much needed rest and relaxation.  Just up the road from Bodega Bay, Wrights Beach offers dog-friendly beach camping and gorgeous views of the ocean.  This trip we made some stops in wine country and cooked corned beef and cabbage!

November 12-16, 2012 – Site No. 8

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