Silver surfing

I’m a lucky man

This past year I feel very fortunate to have added an Airstream into our lives. We had been talking about it for over twenty years. Instead of waiting until retirement we decided now is the time to enjoy traveling with a little more comfort.

My love of travel keeps me happy and satisfies my strong sense of curiousity

In particular we are happy that there is a shower to clean up after trail runs, ample room for puppies, and a kitchen. We now join the ranks of trailer park people.  It’s a fun and interesting subculture – I’m a white trash superstar!

Big wheels keep on turning

It’s like riding a bike

Right around 1975 is when I learned to ride a bike. I was fortunate that we lived across from a large parking lot.

I already had a Big Wheel and hosted neighborhood Big Wheel rallies in our front yard.

I don’t remember being reluctant to learn to ride a bike, but I did have a good thing going with my Big Wheel – riding it was safe and predictable. It had limitations and I was starting to wear out that plastic on the wheel. Plus, I couldn’t go very far or very fast.

A bike was my ticket to explore beyond the couple blocks a Big Wheel offered. A bike was the next “big” thing and certainly seemed more grown up. And who doesn’t want to be more grown up when you’re five?

Grown up things can be a big step, however, and I didn’t learn to ride a bike with training wheels – I had my dad. He held onto the back of the banana seat of that blue Huffy and encouraged me until I learned to steer, pedal, and balance myself at a steady pace.

It took some time, but I still remember the moment when I looked behind me and realized my dad wasn’t holding on. I was on my own! Thrilled, scared, and a bit wobbly a whole new chapter of exploration, independence, and responsibilities opened before me that day.

“It’s like riding a bike”

For a long time I didn’t quite understand what was meant by this cliche. Now I get it.

It’s hard to imagine a time when riding a bike was such a big deal. Like most things that propel you forward, you rely on encouragement and a steady hand, then you practice and get your balance.

Be a kid again and find a new challenge. Pretty soon it will be like riding a bike. And thanks dad!