When did that happen?


That’s me around age 5or 6.  Seems like a long time ago, so long in fact that I don’t really remember.

I remember first hearing my voice on playback on a tape recorder – it was me, but didn’t sound like me; or at least how I thought I sounded.  That was the first time I realized that other people see and hear me differently than I see and hear myself.

Empathy. A simple skill that seems so elementary, but that is easy to forget. It’s kind of like avoiding thinking about our own mortality, we lose sight of this simple fact – each of us lives in our own reality.

If we were to get caught up being too empathic too much of the time, we would have a hard time focusing on our own happiness or accomplishing anything – we would be too busy thinking about others and that we have no control over any reality but our own. So nilist!

Feed the Soul

So many of us pay so little attention to what we eat and even less attention to how we eat

Day 5 of 66 days being in the moment – food!!

Having worked in the restaurant industry for years, I know it’s not just about food.  I, like many, enjoy the experience and traditions of dining.

Whether at home, alone, with friends or family, or in an establishment we eat several times a day.  So let’s make the most of it, hey?

Air, water, food, love and food – it’s one of the basics.  But so many of us pay so little attention to what we eat and even less attention to how we eat.

Here are two things I am learning how food can help me be in the moment:

  • You are what you eat: Each body type has a unique natural profile with certain inclinations.  Knowing your profile and inclinations can help you change your eating habits to stay healthy, balanced, and stay in the moment.

Bon appetit!

Eyes with a View

Eyes with a view

Number four of 66 days of being in the moment is a great view.

The appeal and the reason I love to travel are the amazing places and spectacular views to be seen.

Common views have beauty, we just need to take the time to see it
Recent trip through Napa Valley

Any view will do – we just need to take time to let your eyes, mind, and heart to connect.