Of mountains & history

Day six of 66 days of in the moment (6/66) – history.  We spent a couple days at Fallen Leaf Lake just north of South Lake Tahoe.  At around 6,377 feet, we were well into the Sierras, plenty of fresh air and spectacular mountain views. 

In addition to appreciating a great view, Fallen Leaf Lake also includes other features along the lake trail, such as a 1934 Depression-era dam.  One thing, like this dam, represents volumes of history and a multitude of human experience.  So many stories can be told from material culture the past – history is truly amazing.

Mountains are awe-inspiring to me.  But it is history that comforts, gives me pause, and helps me make sense out of life.

History reminds me of how many people have come before me, how little has really changed, and that life keeps moving forward.

And appreciate that I have a choice – most in the past did not.




Author: Chad Moffett

Traveler, dog lover, runner, thinker, and conversationalist. Originally from the Upper Great Lakes area - the great states of Wisconsin and Minnesota. Now enjoying the West and northern California. Leave me a message and let me know what you are thinking.

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