My Tribe

Habits of the Journey


The second day of 66 days was another easy one – my tribe!  (Family.)

But unlike friends, we do not get to choose our tribe.  So our tribe may not be a source of happiness for some.

I am very fortunate.

Me and my husband, March 2016

I have a husband who has been with me since 1992. He is my best friend.  Our inquisitive personalities result in an adventurous life marked by frequent exploration.  (Sounds so Discovery Channel, hey?)

No human children, but my canine children – Tobey Sue and the late Parker Ray – have deeply affected me and made me a better human being.

Immediate family members include my mother and father who support each other so amazingly well and are awesome parents for me and my brother.  Extended family includes aunts, uncles, and cousins.

20160508_133437_County Hwy S
Part of my tribe, May 2016

My sense of exploration has taken me further afield than much of my family.  So I work to maintain existing relationships and have begun to re-establish ties with my extended tribe.

Technology, especially Facebook, has been a wonderful tool to share life’s comings and goings.

Close ties with family provide similar benefits as friends.  A recent study summarized in this article in POPSUGAR describes aspects of good relationships (including family) and the benefits:

  • More socially connected people are happier, healthier, and live longer.
  • Quality is more important than quantity.
  • Good relationships do not mean lack of conflict.
  • Less socially connected lonely people are less happy, less healthy, and live shorter lives.

Strong motivation to guard and maintain relationships.

Author: Chad Moffett

Traveler, dog lover, runner, thinker, and conversationalist. Originally from the Upper Great Lakes area - the great states of Wisconsin and Minnesota. Now enjoying the West and northern California. Leave me a message and let me know what you are thinking.

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