Footloose and free near Foresthill

Spontaneity has its price

Foresthill Divide Loop Trail [Near Auburn, Placer County, CA]

We started out around 11:00 today and ended at 3:00, hiking just over 12 miles.  Okay, full disclosure – we got lost and ended up trying to walk along Foresthill Road to get back to the car and in the process I considered hitchhiking or calling Uber.   But I didn’t.

So the first problem was that we did not start from either of the main trailheads indicated in the materials.  So lesson learned – next time we will get the exact location (like latitude and longitude of the trailheads) and study the map so we understand where we are going.

Nonetheless, there was no harm done and we did have a good time – although 12 miles was more than we bargained for.

So this is what happened: in true Chad and Kent style, we picked out this hike and started out on the trail with great reverie and little concern of where the trail went or where we were.  We figured that trails are usually well marked, right?  Wrong.

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After nearly 5 miles, we were ready to be done.  Alas, when we pulled up the brochure and map on Evernote, it said we were only about half way done!  At this point the trail crossed Foresthill Road – Kent thought his feet were bleeding and I thought I had pulled my groin.

We figured that if we walked back along the road, it would be quicker.  That may have been true if we were walking in the right direction.  Wrong again.  After a mile or so, we figured that out and corrected our course.  The damage was done.

Fast forward through a hefty bitch session and a cool air conditioned drive back to Sacramento, today I learned that spontaneity has its price.  This is not the first hike that we have been lost and found our way together.  Cheers!

Author: Chad Moffett

Traveler, dog lover, runner, thinker, and conversationalist. Originally from the Upper Great Lakes area - the great states of Wisconsin and Minnesota. Now enjoying the West and northern California. Leave me a message and let me know what you are thinking.

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